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Q | Can you install DPF Particulate Filter?
A | Yes,we provide cleaning, service & installation of DPF Particulate Filter. If you have any questions please click on the link to "DPF" Particulate Filter.

Q | Should I be concerned about the Biennial Inspection of Terminals Program (California)?
A | California Vehicle Code (VC) Section 34501.12 requires any person or organization directing the operation of certain trucks or trailers to participate in an inspection program conducted by the California Highway Patrol (CHP). The law requires the CHP to inspect California truck terminals every 2 years. The law is known as the Biennial Inspection of Terminals (or "BIT") program,and the inspections are conducted by CHP inspectors. It is the legal responsibility of every motor carrier who is subject to the BIT program to submit and application and appropriate fee to the CHP for inspection of each of the motor carrier's terminal(s).

Q | Who is a "motor carrier" for the purposes of the BIT program?
A | A motor carrier subject to the BIT Program is the registered owner (with some exceptions) of any of the following vehicles, whether or not for hire:

◊  Any motor truck with three or more axles (including the steering axle) with a gross vehicle weight rating of more than 10,000 pounds
◊  Truck tractors.
◊  Trailers or semi-trailers used in combination with the vehicles listed above.
◊  Any truck, or combination of a truck and any other vehicle, transporting hazardous materials that require placards, a hazardous materials transportation license, or hazardous waste transporter registration, including pickups used for this purpose.
◊  Any motor truck with a gross vehicle weight of more than 10,000 pounds (excluding a pickup truck as defined in 471 VC) while towing any trailer or semi-trailer that results in a combination length of over 40 feet (excluding trailer coaches, camp trailers, and utility trailers, as those terms are defined in the Vehicle Code).

Q | Are there any exemptions to this law?
A | There are several, for instance, (1) If the registered owner leases the vehicle to another person for a term greater than 4 months, the lessee is the motor carrier. (2) If the registered owner operates the vehicle exclusively under the authority and direction of another person, that person may assume the responsibilities as the motor carrier. If not so assumed in writing as specified in law, the registered owner is the motor carrier.

Q | What is a "terminal" as defined in the BIT Program?
A | A terminal may be a place where a vehicle described above is regularly garaged, maintained, operated or dispatched from, including a dispatch office, cross-dock facility, maintenance shop, business, store, or private residence. For purposes of BIT inspections, "terminal" means the location or locations in California that are designated by a motor carrier, where vehicles subject to the BIT program may be inspected by the CHP and where vehicle maintenance records and drivers' records will be made available for inspection.

Q | How do I apply for a BIT inspection?
A | If you or your company does not already have a carrier identification number (CA number), contact Commercial Records Unit in Sacramento at (916) 375-2810 to apply for one, or click on CHP to go to the California Highway Patrol (CHP) web site Public Forms page, click on Commercial Vehicles,and scroll to the Application for Terminal Inspection (form CHP 365)to access. There is no charge for this CA number, but your BIT application, which does involve a fee, cannot be processed until you have a CA number to include on it. Fees information can be obtained thru the Commercial Records Unit in Sacramento.

Q | Is that it?
A | No. We recommend that every motor carrier obtain a copy of the Terminal Manager's Compliance Checklist (CHP 800D 2-98), click on CHP to access the form at the CHP web site, which details all that is required by the BIT Program and following the checklist will only improve the ability to pass such inspections. One particular requirement that is very important is Carrier-Performed Inspections. Per VC 34505.5(a) a 90-day safety inspection must be completed on each truck, trailer or dolly that falls under the definition as described in the previous question regarding "motor carrier".

Marks Old Towne Service, Inc. is completely capable of performing these inspections either at your facility or ours. Our BIT Safety Inspection Form is highly recognized and accepted by the CHP. Our technicians have hundreds of hours of applied experience performing these inspections.

What is the difference between the MCP Program, and the Biennial Inspection of Terminals(BIT) Program?

The BIT Program is a mandatory terminal inspection program administered by the CHP for certain motor carriers (see FAQ 2 above), and has nothing to do with the MCP (Motor Carrier Permit) Program administered by the DMV. There are many motor carriers of property (defined in Section 34601VC as "a person who operates any commercial motor vehicle") who are subject to the MCP requirements, but not subject to the BIT Program due to the types of vehicles they operate. Also, there are many motor carriers who are subject to the BIT Program but not subject to the MCP requirements, such as carriers who engage solely in interstate commerce (must still register their interstate authority with the state, household goods carriers (are still subject to PUC permit requirements), and state or local government agencies. Many commercial vehicle operators are subject to both programs.

For more information regarding the MCP or BIT Programs, click on CHP to go to the Forms section of the California Highway Patrol web site, click on Commercial Vehicles. There you can obtain and download information, forms, etc.


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